Interconnecting Geometry of ALL…

Were these such sites around the world ”interconnected” through much precise geometry to leave a testimony or statement of an understanding of our true nature,? one that is only now being uncovered with the growing awareness of quantum science and the interconnecting geometry of ALL things, the quantum world is the invisible yet indivisible tapestry that provides all information for life including all seemingly ”solid” matter.

You, and everything else, is, 99.999% empty space,

Many of these sites are in accurate alignment with each other,on a worldwide grid, as well as with certain star constellations, a seeming puzzle’ hinting at the holographic nature of all things we perceive, us included, ”as above so below” the larger universe above mimicked also in the atomic and sub atomic realm.

Was ancient knowledge-history subverted from consciousness as a means of control over the human belief system?, were the freedoms of a rich and powerful knowledge, worldwide, reduced to the chains of a global political-economic-religious consciousness?, control by an ”enforced dependency” of mind,.

Governed networks, both adapting and relentless in maintaining power over the majority whilst truly serving the gains of the elite few,

Evidence is still being gathered as to what truly defines us and all life, one thing is becoming clear, science is slowly combining and pointing to ancient clues and knowledge holding vital clues, not easily dismissed, ”rediscovery” is quite likely the outcome- it is entirely possible the ancients knew more about the origin of life and who we really are than we do presently.


In these holograms of reality, and the myths within, Tiwanaku is another ancient civilization whose timeline came and went, leaving behind megalithic monuments that go without explanation as to their mathematical design and construction. Considered by some the oldest city in the world, much of Tiwanaku’s creation defies the laws of physics and mathematics even by today’s standards. Many monuments bear close resemblance to those created by other ancient cultures all over the planet, truly an overlap if one were to place hologram over hologram, to define the journey of humanity in time.
As with many other sacred sites throughout the planet Tiwanaku remains an enigma allowing researchers to speculate on its origins and purpose then parallel that with other ancient civilizations left behind by unknown beings surviving in time with great stone markers which bear clues to humanity’s creation story. Gods, temples, idols, metaphors, all clues in a puzzle humanity is unraveling at this time of conscious awakening



The ancient monument at Nabta Playa, in the desolate Sahara desert of southwestern Egypt, has been called one of the earliest aligned structures of mankind’s ancient past.  Consensus opinion currently indicates that usage of the site may have begun around 4500 BC (based on carbon dating analysis described in this 2007 article), although some analysts have provided arguments which suggest that the site may have been designed even earlier than that.