Age of reason

We are born ready to accept information in innocence, we learn to question at an age of reason, an age that varies widely in dawning from person to person in life, acquiring the power of reason is a matter for personal choice, further, preferences are established early on that preform many of the paths embarked upon as individuals, though  the inclination to ask questions and seek answers is invariably inculcated or encouraged early on in life, at the journey’s beginning, even so, later on in life, a solitary spark may ignite reasoning to the eternal fire within that moves one to ”search”..

The cascade of information that envelopes the young mind is overwhelming, and in many ways is pre-prescribed to subdue the spirit or inner-self to the physical prison of complacent submission that delays awakening. We, that is to say our physical selves can remain engrossed in the five senses perpetually,  the inner ‘small voice’ drowned out by this life’s myriad distractions, the  preoccupations of the physical nature of existence, often denies the subtle intuitive states necessary to realize true potential, it is this existential  understanding that leads to awareness of our rightful inheritance.

Who we are, and why are we here, are questions that arise from within most of us, subversive misinformation is the enemy, the assassin of honest inquiry, recognizing such methods are key to progression in understanding and further inquiry or re-search, as such the power of reason is your ally, in reality one’s closest friend,.

Who we are really is the singly crucial factor of life’s experiences, without the answer to this question we are set adrift, reduced to the role of mere sensual en-tranced information gatherers, a quest destined for disillusionment, a dissolution that gives place once more to the small oft ignored voice inside, – who am I, where are we from, why are we here, where are we going…

It is my sincere hope that you experience encouragement and inspiration on your journey for life.

best wishes,





                                     Enchanted Forest 

                                       Petals rise above me, blue skies around me,

                                       Gently swinging upwards noting mystical scenes,

                                       Feeling brighter free-er,  dancing swirls of breeze

                                       lifting me higher,

                                       Sparkling dust all around me glistening slightly Surrounds me,

                                       a warm sensation fills me, glowing with delight

                                       I soak up all that absorbs me,

                                      Dazzling pink skies fill the darkening day,

                                      the glistening skies surround my mystical wings,

                                      shimmering pinks, lilacs, reds, and purples reflect through,

                                      through the tall enchanted forest, swimming around

                                      the trees, the leaves, the flowers,

                                      dancing round the shadows slowly drowning them out,

                                      singing with echoes carried through out –

                                      through out this our enchanted forest  –   Marie Ellen Mcdonagh


Sangra Verdi

DSC_3136(1)(1) With love and thanks to my children – Marie Ellen and Paul David Mcdonagh