We are spirits in a material world..

Max Planck (1931) was clear-sighted when he said,  “I regard consciousness as fundamental. We cannot get behind consciousness.”

If the materialist standpoint were correct, everything we experience in our consciousness would be nothing but the expression of a machine controlled by classical physics and chemistry.

In reply, John C. Eccles said:

“I maintain that the human mystery is incredibly demeaned by scientific reductionism, with its claim in promissory materialism to account eventually for all of the spiritual world in terms of patterns of neuronal activity.

This belief must be classed as a superstition… We have to recognize that we are spiritual beings with souls existing in a spiritual world as well as material beings with bodies and brains existing in a material world.”

”The brain is looking more like an orchestra, a multi-scalar vibrational resonance system, than a computer. Brain information patterns repeat over spatiotemporal scales in fractal-like, nested hierarchies of neuronal networks, with resonances and interference beats. One example of a multi-scalar spatial mapping is the 2014 Nobel Prize-winning work (O’Keefe, Moser and Moser) on ‘grid cells’, hexagonal representations of spatial location arrayed in layers of entorhinal cortex, each layer encoding a different spatial scale. Moving from layer to layer in entorhinal cortex is precisely like zooming in and out in a Google map.”

”Coherent ‘fractal frequencies’ in microtubules apparently couple to even faster, smaller-scale terahertz vibrations among intra-tubulin ‘pi electron resonance clouds’, and to slower ones, e.g. by interference ‘beats’ giving rise to larger scale EEG.

My colleagues and I (Craddock et al, 2015) have identified a ‘quantum underground’ inside microtubules where anesthetic gases bind to selectively erase consciousness, dampening and dispersing terahertz dipole vibrations. A multi-scalar, vibrational hierarchy could play key roles in neuronal and brain functions, driven at the ‘bottom’, inside neurons, by microtubule quantum resonators.”

The most likely sites for consciousness are microtubule networks in dendrites and soma of cortical layer 5 giant pyramidal neurons whose apical dendrites give rise to EEG. Dendritic-somatic microtubules are unique, being interrupted and arrayed in mixed polarity networks, unsuited for structural support but optimal for information processing, resonance and interference – Stuart Hameroff MD


Consciousness, Brain Vibrations
and Planck Mass

The filamentous network of micro-wormholes which permeate the space-time manifold are replicated in the neural network of the human brain

”Physics circumvents the strangeness of quantum mechanics by strictly dividing the macro/classical and micro/quantum, keeping the two worlds apart. However, consciousness somehow bridges the macro/classical and micro/quantum domains, equivalent to the subject – object split. Consciousness exists precisely on the edge between quantum and classical.”

At any frequency, Orch OR consciousness in the brain is occurring in fundamental space-time geometry, localized to brain neuronal microtubules and driven by metabolic processes.

When the blood stops flowing, energy and oxygen depleted and microtubules inactivated or destroyed (e.g., NDE/OBE, death), it is conceivable that the quantum information which constitutes consciousness could shift to deeper planes and continue to exist purely in space-time geometry, outside the brain, distributed nonlocally.

Movement of consciousness to deeper planes could account for NDEs/OBEs, as well as, conceivably, a soul apart from the body. Evidence in recent years links biological functions to quantum processes, raising the likelihood that consciousness depends on nonlocal quantum effects in the brain.That in turn suggests that the “hard problem” of the nature of conscious experience requires a worldview in which consciousness or its precursors are irreducible components of reality, fundamental space-time geometry at the Planck scale.

We conclude the concept of a “quantum soul” is scientifically plausible.

The “quantum soul” implies consciousness in the brain as described by Orch OR, as well as nonlocal features including:

  1. Interconnectedness via entanglement among living beings and the universe
  2. Contact with cosmic wisdom/Platonic values embedded as quantum information in fundamental space-time geometry
  3. Consciousness as patterns in nonlocal fractal/holographic-like space-time geometry, able to exist at deeper planes and scales independent of biology

We present a secular, scientific approach consistent with all religions and known science.

With the advent of quantum biology, nonlocality in consciousness must be taken seriously, potentially building a bridge between science and spiritualityStuart Hameroff and Deepak Chopra http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_consciousscience36.htm

QUOTE; – Thousands of years ago, people all across the globe believed virtually the same thing about what happened after death – that human beings possess not one, but two souls, which were in danger of dividing apart from one another when a person died. – Peter Novak – https://grahamhancock.com/the-one-world-religion-of-humanitys-distant-past-novak/


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