The prerequisites that maintain biological life are crucially adaptable to the environment internal and external, whether the requirements are physical or mental, or to the equilibrium between sickness and health.

Biology the finest of material balances is astronomically complex, the level of seeming ‘inbuilt’ care and consideration’s in ‘design’ is way beyond the ‘potential of human intellect’, – though of course many remain in denial of the fact!  It is clear that biological systems are maintained in a way that is both symbiotic and synergistic.

Bodily speaking, we are truly multilayered in function and form, it is clear that the structure of life may be essentially ‘envisioned’  to points of scale that truly reaches out to a infinitely interconnected consciousness – so called ‘space’, yes the form described as ‘non physical’ – we are in interesting times,  ‘once more’  – Maccy


Science now describes Planck lengths as packets of the smallest measurable units in a ‘field’ of informational energy, ‘potential’ wherein space is not ’empty’ but a seething adaptable structured network, of ‘holographic’ fractals.
An awakening paradigm, where consciousness, metaphysics and science meet, a meeting of minds, or ultimately ”Mind”, to which all life is essentially inter-connected’, physically, spiritually, emotionally..

Time’s Illusions:

Quote; So, when you’re talking about a non-material universe — a non-material universe — that Einstein’s outlook implies that a non-material universe exists in a time frame that’s much, much more quick than ours is — much, much quicker than ours is.


So quick that — things essentially happen instantaneously. Things that we think of as taking time happen instantaneously. Now, one of the symbols of the non-material side, because of that wave effect, is a serpent. A serpent moves in waves — in the form of waves. So the serpent becomes symbolic on one level of the energy of the non-material universe


This seems to me to be a very helpful mental picture for understanding the difference between the realm of pure potential and the manifest realm of the visible, material realm through which we are traveling during this incarnate life.

”It also helps to shed some light on some of the assertions of made by Alvin Boyd Kuhn in some of his insightful discussion of the world’s ancient myths and scriptures”. 

For one thing, Alvin Boyd Kuhn argues that (contrary to the perspective of most literalist Christians, and also contrary to most conventional teaching about the mythology and focus of ancient civilizations such as that of ancient Egypt) the real focus of most sacred myth and sacred tradition is not upon our existence “after death” or “in between incarnations” but rather upon our existence during the incredibly important period in which we ourselves have taken on flesh and manifested in this Visible Realm. David Mathisen  mug-3

Out of Interest – 

                     Quote – Don’t Let Your Language Wash Your Brain”


”There is something in us that leads us to expect, without even thinking about it, that only material things are real; that things, to be real, must be made of stuff—matter—to be of significance. I think that our language has a lot to do with this attitude, because it tells us that if a thing isn’t important, it does not matter. What does that mean? It means that if it isn’t made of matter it isn’t important”.

”So somehow your language leads you to think that to be material and to be important are one and the same thing, but that isn’t necessarily true. Think of how many things are important in your life that have nothing to do with matter. To some extent, all languages have a built-in hidden ideology, washing people’s brains in a way that they don’t notice”.

Niels Bohr, for example, the twentieth-century Danish physicist to whom we owe the understanding of the structure of atoms, said: 

Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real”. – Niels Bohr

The Cosmic Nature of Your Inner Images



”Religions of all ages have always insisted that the essential reality isn’t found in the material world, but in some transcendent part of the universe. However, all that you have to do to experience an invisible world is to look inside you, where your feelings and the images of your mind are real”.

So let’s face it:  ”In the context of ancient spiritual teaching, the non-empirical reality is the liaison reality where the physical becomes spiritual, and the spiritual turns physical”.

‘The visible world around us exists because an underlying field of invisible forms defines the potential of the world. And now we find that you and I, too, can exist only because an underlying field of invisible forms defines our potential’.


”To many scientists such thoughts are upsetting. The view is widespread that science shouldn’t get involved with such issues. It should be useful and technical, not inspiring; logical, but mindless”.

However, we should have the courage for an enlightened and liberated science that does more than serve stockholder equity. We must make an effort to understand the nature of all levels of physical reality: the empirical and non-empirical, the material and spiritual.

(Excerpts from the introduction of Lothar Schäfer’s book “Infinite Potential: What Quantum Physics Reveals About How We Should Live”)

https://www.scienceandnonduality.com/author/lothar-schafer/ https://www.scienceandnonduality.com/infinite-potential-what-quantum-physics-reveals-about-how-we-should-live/