Atom 99.96% – Empty Space…

A typical football stadium has a radius of maybe 120 m.  One ten-thousandth of this is 1.2 cm, about the size of a pea.  To get a sense of what an atom really looks like,  place a pea at the center of a field in the middle of a football stadium.  Then imagine, at the outskirts of the stadium, there are a few no-see-um gnats (biting midges, of the family Ceratopogonidae).  These bugs represent the electrons.  The atoms are the bugs and the pea.  That’s it.  The rest of the atom is empty space.

Width of a human hair is 100,000 atoms, an atom is 99.96% empty space, that empty space is made up of energy particles we cannot physically see with the eye, this energy flickers at the rate of 1 million billion billion frames per second.

We view video film at a standard rate of only ”24” frames per second that fools the physical eye into accepting a film ‘in motion’ a ”movie”. the human eye is a marvelous but limited tool….

We are ‘designed’ to experience only this dimension of seeming solidity, yet we are only the tip of the iceberg, all that is essential to bio-life is hidden from our view yet we ”are” this energy..this energy is delivered to us in finer detail than any fingerprint, a broadcast unique to each one of us, it is fair to say you are an ”echo” of your ”self” a true one of a kind masterpiece.. Maccy


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