Celestial Metaphor

The stars were chosen as a means of recording a message, a profound system of metaphor reminding mankind of what their ‘true’ nature is, actually an ancient worldwide communicative”standard” a circle of reasoning passed from generations to generations, depicting an inheritance that was inculcated through myths of visionary ‘storytelling’ such universal star myths of symbolic imagery convey this vital life message to ”all” humanity.

That the stars and constellations could not be subverted or ”hidden” taken away from our eyes, ”withheld”, denotes the wisdom and foresight of first employing these heavenly bodies as  the medium of communication, a silent testimony of a play within a play on show nightly for millennia..

I believe there is much evidence that this ancient system of communication existed side by side with a deep and ‘unique’ scientific understanding of the ‘invisible’ or quantum aspect, of which modern physics is only now in the pains of rediscovery, science may only go so far as to a physical five senses ‘understanding’ or explanation, thereafter one must implement ”eyes of understanding” to ascertain the ”invisible qualities” that relate to man’s true nature and makeup, our ”duality” of being.

This vital information regarding our true state is deciphered using the language of metaphor, these ‘depictions’ are also on display worldwide recorded on ancient monuments and artifacts, such monuments are ”virtually” immovable by sheer weight, ”denoting a purposeful longevity, again a medium not ‘easily’ subverted or hidden’, such as these are incredibly ”precision aligned” to the stars, leaving a painstaking technological clue, a pointer, to ‘mirror’ the importance of pursuing the underlying message to a ”searching mind”

These ‘depictions’ offer a type of ‘true’ Rosetta stone, an uncovering of the dualism of man’s nature through the narrative of storytelling and ‘symbolic imagery’ and ”metaphor” [a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable] the arduous lengths gone to are meticulous both in harmony and scale,  and certainly merit serious considerations. There exists bodies of work, of painstaking research available in our day for those that would care to examine – Maccy

The fact that the myths of humanity, from virtually every culture in virtually every inhabited corner of the globe, can be shown to be built upon a common system of celestial metaphor is astonishing, and has incredible implications for our ancient history –
David Mathisen  http://www.starmythworld.com/books/