The Undying Stars

The Undying Stars


The ”Undying Stars” author ‘David Mathisen’ expounds an insightful wisdom, it is a most excellent resource, cutting through a haze of historical contrivances that demonstrates a rare presence of mind that is both an inform of knowledge along with a skill of reasoning abilities that imparts to a standard well beyond the norm, I wholly recommend this work to any searcher married in the quest of, –  Where did we come from – Why are we here – Where are we going to –  Maccy

The Undying Stars the truth that unites the world’s ancient wisdom, and the conspiracy to keep it from you. David Warner Mathisen ..

“Ancient wisdom, unlike the modern, included a knowledge of trance-conditions.”  Gerald Massey – Man in search of his soul during fifty thousand years
and how he found it!

The myth is the only true narrative of the reality of human experience. It is the
only ultimately true history ever written. It is a picture and a portrayal of the
only veridical history ever lived. [. . .]

With transcendent genius the Sages formulated the systems of myths, allegories, fables, parables, numerological structures and astronomical pictographs such as the zodiac and the planispheres or uranographs to supplement the central ceremonial drama. The whole structure was, however, fabricated with such esoteric subtlety that, the keys once lost, the system has defied the best of medieval and modern acumen to recapture its cryptic import.
Alvin Boyd Kuhn

This book explores a subject whose vast outline many have labored to share with the
world before. It does not pretend to be the first or the last word on this subject, but seeing that the number of voices teaching lies (some doing so knowingly, others unwittingly and in sincerity because they themselves have been deceived) are so many and so clamorous, it seeks to add its own voice to those trying to share the truth, knowing that in so important a struggle no contribution, however small, is unwelcome.

In its examination of some of the connections between modern quantum physics, the
holographic model of the universe of modern theoretical physicists such as David Bohm, and evidence that the ancient authors and artists – going back at least as far as Stonehenge– were describing the same phenomenon, perhaps it offers some new perspectives that will prove valuable in shedding light on the truth about our ancient forebears and the nature of the universe they seem to have understood so many millennia before the modern physicists.

In its examination of the evidence surrounding the violent suppression of the ancient
wisdom by actors on the stage of Rome during the first three centuries AD, and the
evidence that the “shamanic, holographic” model was abundantly represented in “the west”(certainly in ancient Egypt and in the
mysteria found throughout the Mediterranean and the Levant), and in its application of the historic details of that catastrophe as sketched out by Flavio Barbiero to the broader issue of the loss of the ancient wisdom, it also may be breaking some new ground towards discovering the thieves who “stole the gold from the temple” and replaced the deep truths with lies.

This subject is hardly one of merely academic or even esoteric interest – the evidence suggests that those who perpetrated that conspiracy in the days of the Roman Empire remain in control of the levers of power in “the west” today, and that in the intervening centuries they have devoted themselves to erecting a spiritual tyranny to deliberately enslave millions under their control, and at the same time to violently stamping out the ancient shamanic-holographic wisdom everywhere else.

In fact, many of those who are most familiar with ancient scriptures in the west today,
specifically those found in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, have been
accustomed to study them only through a literalist lens. This is true not only of
“fundamentalist” or other forms of strict literalists, but also of those who may reject many strictly literal passages within those scriptures, while still believing that they teach the existence of and demand belief in a historical figure named Jesus, his twelve disciples, their literal adventures in a region between Galilee and a terrestrial Jerusalem, themselves descendants of twelve literal tribes of Israel (specifically from the two which did not get “lost”), who also had literal adventures in the same geographic region centuries before, and who were descended from twelve literal sons of Jacob-Israel, who was a literal son of Isaac, the literal son of the historical figure named Abraham.

For the purposes of the discussions in this book, all those teachings which assert that these scriptures are primarily intended to be understood as describing literal historical figures are grouped under the term “literalist,” while recognizing that there still exists a wide range within literalism regarding hermeneutics and doctrine. Those who would assert that the twelve tribes of Israel were no more (and no less) intended to be taken strictly literally than Heracles was in Greece or Coyote in North America, and that the same is true of the stories in the New Testament, are generally considered to have left the fold of orthodoxy.

For those who begin this book while still locating themselves somewhere within the
literalist camp, I can only offer the perspective that I have been there myself, and the hope that they approach the evidence presented herein with the attitude that they would rather know the truth than accept the assertions of other (interested) parties that the literalist interpretation is the only way to believe that these scriptures are, in fact, True.

On the contrary, it may be that it is by understanding them esoterically, that is to say
gnostically, shamanically, or even (if you will) holographically, that they are seen to be
True, and that an honest reading of them will show that they were never intended to be understood literally or their truth to be limited to a literal, historical “truth.”

It is a fact that for centuries they were not allowed to even be translated into the languages of the common people, so that the clergy could be the only ones to consult them in detail.

The penalty for translating and publishing them was death, a penalty which was meted out to William Tyndale (1484 – 1536), among others who dared to oppose this oppressive, tyrannical, and unnatural measure. It should at least be considered that at least one very
important reason for keeping these scriptures from widespread circulation and examination was the fear that their undeniably esoteric nature would be noticed, for the stories of the twelve tribes of Israel, or the adventures of Samson, or the cycle of the Christ and his twelve disciples, or even the graphic symbols of the book of the Apocalypse (the Revelation of John) all plainly correspond to the book of the sky: the motions of the sun, moon, and visible planets against the backdrop of the infinite heavens and their constellations – in particular the twelve figures of the zodiac.

In this, they take their place among all the other ancient esoteric sacred traditions of the world, from ancient Egypt to ancient Greece, to ancient China and all the other
manifestations of the collective heritage of our planet. And in fact, as this book will argue, they teach the same thing. It is only due to a conspiracy which sought to steal this knowledge from the human race, and restrict it to a tiny few, while destroying every vestige of it everywhere else, that so many now accept the fiction foisted upon the world by the literalist believers in the historical Jesus and the historic twelve tribes, which severed one branch of faith from the rest of humanity, and set it against all the others. Its descendants and converts are still at it today.

Gerald Massey wrote in The Natural Genesis (1883) that the misunderstanding of typology (by which he meant the literalist misunderstanding) has led to a – “most terrible tyranny in the mental domain,” an apt metaphor.3 For the conflict under investigation in this book is a war between those who would enslave others through their control of the high ground in “the mental domain” and those who believe that this high ground should be open to all who seek it.

To give lies to the seeker when you possess the truth is abhorrent.

The treasure of mankind’s ancient wisdom is the ‘birthright of all men and women’ who earnestly seek to know the truth. What follows is offered in service to that truth.David Warner Mathisen


The Undying Stars